Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Different Story After Bomb Explosion

Different story after the bomb explosion at the JW Marriott Hotel continues to grow. According to Hendri, one former employee as well as victims of an explosion at the hotel in 2003, actually want the bomb hotel lounge not a restaurant.

"The course is to understand the dots of the target area target expatriates gather. Main objective JW Lounge is not the hotel restaurant," said Hendri, key witnesses and victims in the bombing of JW Marriott, Dadang to Laser Toenail Fungus reporter, Tuesday (28/7/2009) .

He added that the bombardment of course those who have long mengincar places the expats gather. Even deliberately stayed in the hotel beforehand to finalize plans.

"Indeed, the perpetrators book a room located in the center of the floor and near the elevator Elevator, so the bomb could destroy almost all the rooms because they know that the lift is the core of the building," he said to Toenail Fungus.

Previously, Hendri worked as manager at the JW Marriot Hotel. In kesehariannya, he oversees the building each side every morning, as much at 7:30 WIB. But one month ago, he resigned from their jobs.

Back to the mode of bombardment, Hendri added to Toenail Fungus, the bomb certainly get support from people in the hotel. Because the explosion is a bomb made as a breakfast and a weekly meeting of the expatriates.

"The target is indeed JW lounge. Perpetrator certainly related to the bomb in the hotel, learned the hotel activity. Makanya pas on Friday was chosen because it (JW Lounge) are often made room for expats gather, with different restaurants," he said.

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