Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to fight yellow toenail discoloration?

How to fight yellow toenail discoloration? I think almost everyone ask it when summer has come. Almost everyone face this toenail problem in summer. It's great to show these pieces of feet with the summer, they still need it to be healthy! A strength to marinate in our shoes in the winter, do not let air out and put our shoes too tight nails thicken due to the pressure.


Several diseases can cause a yellow discoloration of the toenails, as a thickening of the nail, a bruise caused by a shock, a nail polish (preventing the nail to breathe) or a fungus. Discolored nails usually have a yellowish color. The thickening may be caused by a change in nail growth. Age, disease or diet may be causing a slowdown in growth of the nail.

Yellow Toenail Discoloration Treatment

Whatever it is, Scholl takes a miracle gadget: Perfect Nail 3 in 1. First, it is very well studied because it contains a file and 2 sera applied to the nail in the same object. It is a unique concept for maximum efficiency! It instantly reduces the appearance of yellow toenail discoloration. It revitalizes and restores your nails looking healthy and shiny toenails in only 3 steps!