Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 Ways to treat toenail fungus from home

Toenail fungus is one of the most common and embarrassing fungal infection around the world. Fungi penetrated and grow inside nail layer. It makes nail discolored and harder. Maybe, it is not painful but it is very embarrassing because these fungal infections destroy the beauty of nails.

Although not dangerous, nail fungus is a difficult disease to treat. In fact, some people have to spend thousands of dollars to treat this disease with the latest medical technology such as laser treatment. However, our ancestors have given an example in treating fungal infections. They use some natural ingredients to relief nail fungus. With the existence of these natural ingredients, we can treat the toenail fungus from home.

Here are four ways to treat toenail fungus can be done at home:

1. Using Iodine
Take a pinch of iodine and rub it in and around the affected area (which removes the dead cells on the surface) and wash it. Again take pinch of iodine in clean cotton dressing cloth tie it over the affected area which kill off the fungus.

2. Using Lime Juice
Take a sterilized cotton ball dip in a lime juice and tie it around the infection portion the antiseptic property of lime reduce the fungus growth and sucks the gremial secretion inside the nail.

3. Using Onion Lice and turmeric
Take onion lice and rub the infected area which cure the nail fungus fair quickly and avoids the infection again. The antifungal property of onion deeply penetrates into nail and reduced the fungus growth. Cut your affected nail as much as possible, take turmeric paste and apply on it twice a day, the turmeric keeps your nail out off infection and makes it more soft and smooth.

4. Using Chlorine Bleach
Soak your nail in the solution of chlorine bleach. Chlorine is an antiseptic which also can kill fungi.