Friday, June 19, 2009

Cure Nail Fungus With Herbal Products

Nail fungus is a common problem affecting individuals of any age group. This infection is brought about by microbial action of fungus at edges of the nail which is in contact with the skin. These micro organisms cause damage to toenails and fingernails. Though this condition is not contagious or harmful to internal organs yet it gives a filthy appearance to nails making them look discolored or yellowish, dry, dull, flaky and subjecting them to easy breakage.

Weak immune system may contribute to such nail fungus infection but other causes may not be ruled out such as lack of personal cleanliness, unkempt soggy surroundings, wet footwear etc. Nail fungus infection is caused either by dermatophytes fungi or yeast.

There are plenty of herbal product that could be used to cure nail fungus infection effectively. One such line of herbal toenail fungus treatment is the application of tea tree oil over the infected nails. Similarly one can also use essential oils like lavender oil over such fungal infections. These oils contain active complexes that naturally heal nail infection.

As a safeguard the patient must ensure to keep his or her fingernails and toenails clean and dry. This can be done by applying talcum powder on the feet before wearing shoes. If it is feasible, try to wear sandals instead of shoes till the problem of fungal infection continues to persist.

Another effective herbal treatment is to soak the affected foot or hand in lukewarm salty water then to apply some bleach over the nails. This will keep fungus at bay. The simplest natural method is to keep nails as short as possible and apply bleach powder over them. This not only absorbs excess moisture but also kills the microbes. Repeat this process in the morning after bath and at night before bedtime.


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    1. Let's begin with that household product you probably pass everyday. Or, at the very least, that you pass every week as you are pouring your clothes into the washer or dryer, and that, my dear readers, is bleach. While it might not sound like the best idea, bleach is a chemical that will attack a fungal infection with a sharp fist, disinfecting the infected region and killing the spores or bacteria that accumulated. As well, it couldn't be any less expensive.formula 3 antifungal review