Monday, April 19, 2010

8 Tips on how to avoid fungus disease when painting nails

The 8 tips below will help you avoid infectious bacteria, fungus diseases and even HIV or AIDS when painting your nails in nail salon.

1. Buy a manicure kit and edit their own nails or carrying nail this kit to any shop when painting nails, leg. In addition, cleaning tools after each nail painting.
2. Bring a rust color your own nails or self-cleaning shop when the old color at home.
3. Note the level of hygiene and nail salon painting see the trash can was sealed and sanitary? Floors are clean of? The nail table is neat and tidy? Where the nail is not much light?
4. Without the tools of their own nail instruments required in nail salons should be disinfected before use.
5. The foot bath tub, hand hygiene must be carefully cleaned after each nail.
6. Manicure workers must wash their hands before starting and after finishing the job.
7. Never use a hand towel when it is not new and clean towel.
8. Nail brushes should be disinfected and available for every customer.

Please visit your doctor if you develop a nail fungus infection or other symptoms after going to nail this.