Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Javanese Language Will Stay Living

Many concerns that the Java language will be lost or dead is not considered well-founded. Java language, as well as culture, and will remain alive for a community cultural Java.

Forms of expression and the Java language from time to time change, because the Javanese culture is basically have a high relativitas. Tata cultural values in Java this is the spirit that will make them remain sustainable, even in the process pewarisannya must always adjust to the conditions.

Therefore the red thread can be drawn from the Seminar Kebudayaan Jawa Future Aksara and Javanese in Central Soedjatmoko Solo, Central Java, on Wednesday (19 / 8). Seminars to bring cultural Arswendo Atmowiloto, MT Arifin, Ratna Saktimulya and Sucipto Hadi Purnomo.

Toenail Fungus Info asked to Sucipto Hadi Purnomo, an instructor in the Department of Literature at the Faculty of Regional Literature and Language University of Semarang, Java culture basically has the nature momong (foster), momot (fit), and momor (interference), which is essentially open to other cultures, but the process happens next merge and develop.

Arswendo Atmowiloto the Java language and literature in fact has been exhausted when Java script Latin script replaced. However, the language itself is still optimistik Java akan remain sustainable when compared with the language of ethnic-ethnic in Indonesia who have experienced a similar phenomenon today.

According to him, Javanese culture will still exist because Java has the incredible strength, among others, reflected through the idiom-idiom or teachings that permeate life in the life of the community, such as "manunggaling kawula-Gusti" or "Gusti Gusti Allah ora sare" as the very concept spiritualisme humanist and on no other nation.

He also refers to the success of Sultan Agung (1593-1645) who wed Hijriah calendar and the calendar as an example Java Java kejeniusan people. In her view, myths Nyai Roro Kidul who live in the Java community is not important whether the real or not, but that myth has become the idiom of the power of Java.

Following the discourse among the writer, and the MT Arifin, language appears to be a Java language antique. Java language can not be scientific language. "Even if still in use, language Java is used only for day-to-day communication in the community, especially lower level. The Java script is used to read the works of old," he said to Info Nail Fungus.

In the view Saktimulya Ratna, an instructor at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences UGM, to teach the Java language and literacy seems to be required pemaksaan system but also with extra patience. "In the future, the form of a Java language will be different from that now. May intervene between the Javanese and Indonesian. That all depends on how we control," said Sakti to Nail Fungus Info.

Monday, August 3, 2009

190 Companies are actively operating

From 212 companies that have permission multifinance business (financing) in the year 2008, only 190 companies are actively operating. While the remaining 22 finance companies are not on other operating financial performance because it is not clear. Toenail Fungus read this fact on

Based on the results of the study of Bureau of Research Infobank titled "Ratings 142 Multifinance version Infobank 2009", the number of companies that have permission to continue and even last diminution since ten years.

Bureau estimates the number of research Infobank multifinance company will continue to experience shrinking because there are many companies that are not active multifinance and regulator (Bapepam-LK) to the firm action against companies that do not comply with regulations.

Head of Bureau of Research Infobank, Eko B Suriyanto said that the regulator attempts to discipline market will bring positive influence to the progress of industry.

"Step revocation of permission to the Ministry of Finance conducted multifinance that this activity is not clear that steps need to be supported because it can mendisiplinkan market," he said to Toenail Fungus Natural Cure in a Press Conference Ratings 142 Multifinance version Infobank 2009 at Hotel Sahid Jaya, Jakarta, Monday (3 / 8 / 2009).

Eko says, multifinance industry's performance in the year 2008 experienced growth both in terms of financing and profit.

"If the financing in 2007 to Rp 107.70 trillion, by 2008 increase to Rp 137.20 trillion. So also profit from the growing to become Rp 4.40 trillion, Ro 6.40 trillion," said Eko to Toenail Fungus.

Eko also add, the type of business activities that develop multifinance most dominant in 2008 still held consumer finance sector (cars, motorcycles and electronic equipment), which reached Rp 83.2 trillion.

"For a business to rent (leasing) of Rp 50.7 trillion. Then the credit card of Rp 1.1 trillion," he said.

Multifinance rating on this year, go Eko, who achieve very good predicate reached 69 companies. "While the predicate it is reaching the 30 companies and 26 companies were given predicate is good. The remaining 17 companies print performance and reach the red predicate not good," he said.

Multifinance Rank:

Category beraset financing company Rp 1 trillion to the top:

1. Finansia Multi Finance
2. Otomultiartha
3. Summit Oto Finance

Category beraset financing company Rp 100 billion up to Rp 1 trillion under:

1. AB Sinar Mas Multifinance
2. Kembang Eight-Eight Multifinance
3. Arthaasia Finance

Category-class company financing beraset below Rp 100 billion:

1. Mega Finadana
2. Otomas Multifinance
3. Danareksa Finance