Sunday, July 26, 2009

India launched a submarine based nuclear fuel

Toenail Fungus - India launched a submarine based nuclear fuel, Arihant. The first nuclear submarine launched India this can also be launched ballistic rudal.

Arihant made with hands' children in India under Russian supervision. This submarine will be tested at sea before trying to use the military official in India in 2015.

"The project is part of the development plans of 5 antisubmarine worth U.S. $ 2.9 billion, which is delayed for years due to technical problem," said an official at the Ministry of Defense official, reported by Toenail Fungus (26/7/2009).

Toenail fungus was reporting that Arihant's fuel capacity nuclear reach 5500 tons, capable of carrying 100 crew and the ballistic missile and torpedo with a long cruising range.

India defense needs a respite in the sea to keep China's dominance in Asia. China is the largest trading partners India, but India always worried over China's military growth. India worry China 'mengepung' with its continued supply of weapons to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In addition, sporadic firing in Mumbai is 10 and the shooter killed 166 people in the year ago was signed in 2008 through the sea.

"Sea to be relevant in the context of security in India. We must prepare our military to change this environment. We do not have any sense of aggressive or threatening anyone. We see the influence from the outside, conducive to peace and protect the value of our values," said Minister of India Manmohan Singh after launching antisubmarine trial today. Toenail Fungus

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