Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Different Story After Bomb Explosion

Different story after the bomb explosion at the JW Marriott Hotel continues to grow. According to Hendri, one former employee as well as victims of an explosion at the hotel in 2003, actually want the bomb hotel lounge not a restaurant.

"The course is to understand the dots of the target area target expatriates gather. Main objective JW Lounge is not the hotel restaurant," said Hendri, key witnesses and victims in the bombing of JW Marriott, Dadang to Laser Toenail Fungus reporter, Tuesday (28/7/2009) .

He added that the bombardment of course those who have long mengincar places the expats gather. Even deliberately stayed in the hotel beforehand to finalize plans.

"Indeed, the perpetrators book a room located in the center of the floor and near the elevator Elevator, so the bomb could destroy almost all the rooms because they know that the lift is the core of the building," he said to Toenail Fungus.

Previously, Hendri worked as manager at the JW Marriot Hotel. In kesehariannya, he oversees the building each side every morning, as much at 7:30 WIB. But one month ago, he resigned from their jobs.

Back to the mode of bombardment, Hendri added to Toenail Fungus, the bomb certainly get support from people in the hotel. Because the explosion is a bomb made as a breakfast and a weekly meeting of the expatriates.

"The target is indeed JW lounge. Perpetrator certainly related to the bomb in the hotel, learned the hotel activity. Makanya pas on Friday was chosen because it (JW Lounge) are often made room for expats gather, with different restaurants," he said.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pertamina Will Melt Corporate Loan

Toenail Fungus - PT Pertamina (Persero) will melt corporate loan of USD300 million for financing several projects.

Meanwhile, Citigroup and Bank Mandiri have been used as the prospective financial institutions to withdraw funds. Signing will be done on its own this weekend.

"We will sign the corporate loan USD300 million. Already there are two that offer, and Citigroup Mandiri. But that has not been ascertained," said Director Karen Agustiawan Pertamina to Nail Fungus.

He say that at this time Pertamina still negotiate some technical things that must be completed and agreed. Meanwhile, plans for international bond issuance of USD300 million, it will be done if truly needed.

"No, that need to be new. Kan does not need all this third quarter, if ya do not need no money. If you need a new publication," accuse him to toenail fungus.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

India launched a submarine based nuclear fuel

Toenail Fungus - India launched a submarine based nuclear fuel, Arihant. The first nuclear submarine launched India this can also be launched ballistic rudal.

Arihant made with hands' children in India under Russian supervision. This submarine will be tested at sea before trying to use the military official in India in 2015.

"The project is part of the development plans of 5 antisubmarine worth U.S. $ 2.9 billion, which is delayed for years due to technical problem," said an official at the Ministry of Defense official, reported by Toenail Fungus (26/7/2009).

Toenail fungus was reporting that Arihant's fuel capacity nuclear reach 5500 tons, capable of carrying 100 crew and the ballistic missile and torpedo with a long cruising range.

India defense needs a respite in the sea to keep China's dominance in Asia. China is the largest trading partners India, but India always worried over China's military growth. India worry China 'mengepung' with its continued supply of weapons to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In addition, sporadic firing in Mumbai is 10 and the shooter killed 166 people in the year ago was signed in 2008 through the sea.

"Sea to be relevant in the context of security in India. We must prepare our military to change this environment. We do not have any sense of aggressive or threatening anyone. We see the influence from the outside, conducive to peace and protect the value of our values," said Minister of India Manmohan Singh after launching antisubmarine trial today. Toenail Fungus

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do not have idea about toenail fungus

Today i really don't have idea about toenail fungus. I wanna update my blog but i am still finding idea. Do you have any idea what i must write about toenail fungus. I am trying to find an idea in forum, google, or in other blogs.

But, until now, i am still did not find any idea. I don't know what must i write. I wanna ask my friend who know about toenail fungus. Unfortunately, she is busy.

I am try hard to find ide about nail fungus. Now, i am hungry. Maybe, i must eat something so i can find any idea. Or, i must play dota. I hope after playing dota, i will feel happy so i can get any idea about toenail fungus.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Treating Toenail Fungus After Play Dota

Now i am treating toenail fungus after play dota. Do you know dota? Dota is a game in warcraft. Dota is Defense of the Ancients. I like playing dota because it so funny. It is relief my stress. It also make me happy when treating toenail fungus.

Today i am very depressed because my toenail fungus is very difficult to be cured. I wanna curing toenail fungus with home products. But, i think it need a lot of time. I must be patience when curing toenail fungus with natural home remedies.

After played dota, i feel so happy. I am not depressed anymore. Now i wanna looking for some news about treating toenail fungus. First, i must search it on google. I like searching about toenail fungus on google because google give me excellent result about toenail fungus. It is time to treat toenail fungus.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cure Flu or Toenail Fungus

Today i suffered from flu. It is very disturbing me because tomorrow i have exam. I can not think logically. Maybe suffering flu more disturbing than suffering toenail fungus infection.

But, my toenail fungus blog maybe also suffering google sandbox virus infection. I dont know why my dummy blog is higher than toenail fungus domain. Maybe i also cure this sandbox infection quickly.

This flu really disturbed my task in curing my toenail fungus domain from sandbox virus. Sometimes i can not think logically how to help that domain to leave from sandbox. I just can pray for toenail fungus domain. Can you help me cure toenail fungus domain from sandbox virus?