Monday, July 27, 2009

Pertamina Will Melt Corporate Loan

Toenail Fungus - PT Pertamina (Persero) will melt corporate loan of USD300 million for financing several projects.

Meanwhile, Citigroup and Bank Mandiri have been used as the prospective financial institutions to withdraw funds. Signing will be done on its own this weekend.

"We will sign the corporate loan USD300 million. Already there are two that offer, and Citigroup Mandiri. But that has not been ascertained," said Director Karen Agustiawan Pertamina to Nail Fungus.

He say that at this time Pertamina still negotiate some technical things that must be completed and agreed. Meanwhile, plans for international bond issuance of USD300 million, it will be done if truly needed.

"No, that need to be new. Kan does not need all this third quarter, if ya do not need no money. If you need a new publication," accuse him to toenail fungus.

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