Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cure Flu or Toenail Fungus

Today i suffered from flu. It is very disturbing me because tomorrow i have exam. I can not think logically. Maybe suffering flu more disturbing than suffering toenail fungus infection.

But, my toenail fungus blog maybe also suffering google sandbox virus infection. I dont know why my dummy blog is higher than toenail fungus domain. Maybe i also cure this sandbox infection quickly.

This flu really disturbed my task in curing my toenail fungus domain from sandbox virus. Sometimes i can not think logically how to help that domain to leave from sandbox. I just can pray for toenail fungus domain. Can you help me cure toenail fungus domain from sandbox virus?


  1. Certainly suffering from flu is more disturbing than suffering from toenail fungus infection. But you can't ignore toenail fungus infection. We should try to cure it early to avoid further complications.

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  2. i agree with ricky.. you just can't ignore a toenail fungus infection it might get worst..

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