Thursday, June 25, 2009

Common Home Remedy For Toenail Fungus

There are many common home remedies to cure toenail fungus that have been followed since many years. The most common and widely used home remedy is the use of white vinegar or apple cedar vinegar. The acidic nature of the vinegar helps eradicate the fungus. It can be used concentrated or diluted with equal amount of water to treat the infection. The infected nail area can be dipped in this solution for approximately 15 to 20 minutes twice daily for approximately 36 weeks for a complete cure.

Various oils like the tea tree oil can be used as toenail fungus home remedy. The antimicrobial nature of the tea tree oil is utilised to kill the fungus. Not only tea tree oil but other oils like Oregano oil are also used very often.

Very surprisingly, the mouth wash liquid, Listerine is one of the most commonly used home remedy king for toenail fungus. Dipping the infected toenail in Listerine helps to get rid of the fungus in a due course. The antimicrobial agent in Listerine which is used to kill the germs in the mouth has also proved effective against the nail fungus. Twice every day, the infected nails have to be dipped in the mouth wash for about 20 to 30 minutes till the fungi vanish from the nail and nail bed.

Hydrogen peroxide is also effective to cure toenail fungus infection. Hydrogen peroxide when combined with the vinegar can not only help to kill the fungal resident but also helps in the faster re growth of the healthy nails. The hydrogen peroxide supplies the required amount of oxygen to the nail bed thus helping in the quick growth of the nails.

Vicks also comes under the list owing to the antimicrobial property of the eucalyptus oil in the composition. Rubbing it over the infected area before going to bed and when ever possible helps the fungal eradication over some months period. This might extend up to 8 months for a complete cure.

The most important way to fight the fungus is to avoid dampness of the feet, especially after the treatment, the toes have to be completely dry and absolutely no dampness. Even a bad smell from the foot is an indication of the microbial infestation on the foot. The home remedy care fights to help the pain due to toenail fungus infection. Good result is achieved only on continuous use of the toenail fungus treatment products for a longer time. Withdrawal from the application in the middle of the course might make the infection severe.

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